Dedicated Servers

HTS hosting also provides Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server or dedicated hosting service is a type of hosting in which clients releases out an entire server not shared with anyone else. In this organizations have full control over the servers including Operating Systems, hardware. This offers larger return on investment.


  • High Performance
  • Security
  • Email Stability
  • Control

Dedicated server hosting providers also provide following types of server managed support:

Fully managed

  • Includes monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Reboots
  • Security patches and
  • Operating system upgrades


  • Medium level of management
  • Monitoring
  • Update
  • Limited amount of support


  • Regular monitoring
  • Some maintenance


No involvement from service provider

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server


  • Dedicated Server hosting is more reliable in terms of performance.
  • You get total control over the server

    This is very common if you are paying for anything you want total control over it. Similarly, if you are paying for any software complete control access is given to you so that you can modify or change the settings as per your requirement.

  • HTS hosting also provides higher level of security

    You can also take security measures as per your requirements, and modify them as per your needs.

  • Also, gives best customer report

    HTS hosting provides great customer support 24*7. If at all you are spending so much money for any software it means your site is so valuable. Thus, issue can’t occur.


  • Dedicated Server Hosting is expensive
  • Dedicated Servers need technical knowledge.