Understanding the Importance & Benefits of Shared Hosting

Setting up your own website may look like a tough task but it is not tough as you think. The three steps to set up your website is figuring out the niche of your website, purchase the domain name and then finally invest in the right hosting. Once everything in place setting up the website is easy, however, the process figuring out your website niche takes time and research. If you’re new to the online industry innumerable hosting options available online, each promising more features than the other can get a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to help you select the best hosting company.

Shared Hosting is the best hosting type given that this is your first website. Read the article further to understand what Shared Hosting is and list and benefits of Shared Hosting for your new website.

What is Shared Hosting?

A type of hosting where multiple websites share the same server space is known as Shared Hosting. In technical terms, a single physical server can be divided into smaller multiple servers, all of them using the same server resources. Boothe the server and the resources are divided amongst the users. CPU, RAM, bandwidth are known as the the server resources.

To quote an example, there is an apartment in a complex. The apartment has several rooms, such as a kitchen, washroom and living room. Now if each bedroom is rented out to a different person still there will be a shared space the three rooms such as the kitchen, washroom and living room. These rooms will be shared amongst the roommates equally.

It is better to have the entire server to you though; the idea of sharing space with multiple websites seems fine. But if your website is new then certainly not, as your website traffic is still growing. But, there are benefits to it too. Read more to see the advantages of Shared Hosting.

Benefits of Shared Hosting for a Website:

It is an economical solution:

When it comes to hosting, shared hosting is the most affordable option. A you can test your website and make it perfect without shelling out a huge amount of money it is especially useful to new websites just starting out with low to moderate traffic.

HTS hosting, understands the difficulty of starting a new online venture. To kick start your new business website, our Shared Hosting is available for you at the lowest prices.

For ease of control, built-in C Panel :

When you’re starting out, managing website hosting can be a task. With C Panel, web hosting tasks like setting-up emails, databases,  addon domains, can be managed more effortlessly with the ever intuitive and powerful C Panel dashboard. All this could be done without any added cost.

No technical expertise is required :

You can contact the service provider for any technical queries or server administration related activities, as they are taken care by the hosting provider itself. Furthermore, if you’re not tech-savvy then this saves you the cost to hire an external server administrator, cutting that extra cost.

It is easy to manage and scale.

You are not required to manage the entire server your website is hosted on in case of shared hosting. As it is taken care of by the hosting provider as mentioned above you don’t need to manage it at all. Website design, installation of scripts, applications etc. are some of the aspects that may need to be managed. You can install these applications with a single click with shared hosting. A drag and drop website builder that you can easily be downloaded when it comes to website design you can use SitePad Website Builder.

Also, it is easy to scale your website from one Shared Hosting plan to another once your website has outgrown its server space and traffic.

SSL security :

The fact remains that all are vulnerable to risks while other hosting types are considered to be more secure. It depends on the website user keep their website secure by installing necessary security services also it depends on the service provider. It has also been observed that most of the new websites don’t have the correct security measures in place. There could be many reasons, either because they do not know how or they are low on funds. Because of which, HTS hosting offers a  free SSL certificate with our Shared Hosting plans to make sure that your new website is secured.

Other benefits :

Every business that enters into the online world requires a website and a hosting service. Shared Hosting can be called a starter pack; it is essentially the best choice for new websites that need to establish themselves though it may not suit a website with heavy traffic.

The benefits of Shared Hosting outweigh its disadvantages if seen an overall business scenario. It is just what you needed to kick start your new website, it is cost-effective, user-friendly, easy to manage and moderately scalable

There are few alternatives to Shared Hosting as well.

To a shared hosting plan, there aren’t any specific alternatives.  Upgrades are available, but no alternatives are as cheap as shared hosting.

WordPress dedicated hosting, running a VPS server, and other semi-dedicated hosting options can be counted as alternatives to shared hosting. They will provide you with greater levels of customization and performance but may end up costing more than a basic shared hosting plan.

For beginning website users whose sites don’t receive a lot of traffic shared hosting is a great choice. Always remember that you can always change or upgrade hosting environments with time.

What are waiting for? Go ahead and get your website hosted with HTS Hostings-one of the best hosting company.

To know more about shared hosting and its benefits, visit www.htshosting.org . You can also write to us at support@htshosting.org or contact us on 1800-123-8156 to get the best solutions for your business website.

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