Importance of having a data backup of your website

From choosing a top-notch web host to using strong passwords there are a lot of things that can be done to keep your website safe. However, performing website backups — early and often is the most important out of all of it.

In many situations, having a backup of site recently can be helpful. Having a backup readily available can solve your problems if you lose crucial data or your website gets hacked. To get that backup file ready, it hardly takes any time.

Read this article further to understand the reasons, why one should have a backup of their website. Let’s get started!

  1. It acts as a guard against human error

Mistakes can be made by everyone from time to time. Mistakes like- deleting an important file on your website or making changes that breaks some of its functionality, and more. Restoring a previous backup is one of the most efficient method to fix these kinds of errors .

For instance, if a significant part of your website ceases to work, in such a case you have two options:

  1. Look for the problem and a way to solve it.
  2. Moving on by restoring your website’s most recent backup.

Depending on how serious the problem is the first method can be quick or take a lot of time. However, you can have your site up and running quickly with the second approach. To come out of such situations, all you need is a recent enough backup so that you don’t lose any valuable data.

Backups can save you in situations where you or someone else makes a mistake on your site, this is the prime take away. To be as safe as possible, you’ll want to create those backups frequently — even on a daily basis to keep it as safe as possible.  

2. To solve reverse problems that occur during updates

To keep your site functioning smoothly, updates are necessary. At the same time, only to see something unexpectedly go wrong it’s not uncommon to perform an update to your site. You just have to go about them safely and doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make changes.

For your site, you can have an automatic backup system set up . That way, you’ll have a recent restore point available just in case if you update any of its key components. Before you start tinkering with your website, it’s also smart to make a manual backup.

To get that backup ready, it might take you a few minutes or longer. However, you’ll be happy you made the time if anything goes wrong during the update process, you’ll be happy you made the time .

3. Prevention from loss of data

For instance, you have a blog having hundreds of posts, and any member of your team deletes one (or more than one) of them mistakenly. In the past, because they didn’t know what they were doing or they gave certain users too many privileges, we’ve seen people delete entire libraries of content.

Even in situations like the one described above, one of the primary reasons to maintain a backup system is to ensure that your data will be safe. Which automatically means that you need to have a full backup of your website in place and your personal data also.

Even if there’s no human error involved, data loss can occur. Even if you and your team know what you’re doing having a backup is necessary.

We recommend you take things one step further if you’re worried about losing important data. You should avoid keeping them all stored in the same location and also have multiple backup available. We recommend keeping a copy on your server and uploading your latest backups to the cloud for redundancy’s sake.

4. Handles compatibility issues that come after new installations

You probably rely a lot on add-ons, such as themes and plugins if you are using WordPress or any other Content Management System (CMS). Both the types of tools can be handy incredibly You’re introducing an element that might not play nicely with the rest of the site’s ecosystem each time you install a new add-on.

It doesn’t mean you should avoid plugins and themes with updates. Instead of avoiding you should be more careful about the ones you install. Ensure that the developers update them frequently and they have good reviews and ratings.

Just to be safe, before you activate a new theme or WordPress plugin you’ll also want to back up your website. With this approach, all you have to do is revert to a previous backup if a compatibility issue pops up. Now, you can install an alternative tool.

5. Resolving malware infections

It is a myth that malware is something that can only affect personal computers. However, a lot more of them are vulnerable to it, a number of websites are infected with some kind of malware.

Attackers have highly-sophisticated techniques in their arsenals even if you’re proactive about website security. Also, one should remember that lesser-known websites are safe from attacks. For example, users using WordPress as CMS, often face threats from bots that look for vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

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